Hola names Caleb, 25 and live in Toledo Ohio, born (on planet Vegeta) and raised (on Earth) here. I don't go out much cause I'm lame, so I mostly chill in the house with my Gf Tesha. Yeah, No I'm not single we've been together for a lil over 7 years meow. I've been gaming since I was about 6, starting out on the Super Nintendo and becoming the gamer you know today. I'm super open minded and a cool as frozen fudge, I'm down to talk about anything as long as it wont get me or you banned.

I work Full Time as a Custodian at a Hospital (I hate it), so I'm just streaming to kick it with some homies and game foreal. Hopefully down the road I can quit my job and stream but only dreams. I've been at streaming for a little over a year now, and I'm open af to kick it with new homeis 😀

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