I'm a 20-something Asian man who was born in the United States. The eldest of three, I've lived a colorful life so far. I share bits of my experience as the mood strikes. Outside of video gaming, I enjoy writing, keeping myself physically healthy and strong, and doting on my companion animal, Paul the Yorkie.

I take the games I play very seriously, but I don't really think I'm a high-level player - I have yet to be tested at the highest level. However, I have all the right ingredients, and the presence of mind to know where I need to tweak my game to keep improving over time. With your support, I'm confident that I can make it to the top. If I don't make it there, at least I'll give my opponents a good run for their money.

To learn more about me, see who is yetieater?

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I'm always happy to make new connections: hit me up and we can chat off-stream.