I work extremely hard to make this channel look and sound good as well as bring you the best SMIRK I can. I'm just a young dad now and I would like to make this channel successful (DOMINATE THE WORLD Kappa)

What I need from you now, a follow goes a long ways, activity in chat means the world, lurking and holding up the view count is HUGE and most of all, let's get to know each other and take this to the top!


Wednesday / Thursday 4-9 PM CST (-6 GMT)
Friday / Saturday 6-11 PM CST (-6 GMT)

The Setup

My rabbit hole build, started with a deal on the i7, after that I needed a new motherboard which led to new ram. At that point I figured I may as well put it all in a new case and ultimately ended up with a brand new build besides the 1070 and hard drives. I use mainly for AAA gaming (RE7 is glorious), Twitch.tv streaming, music/music production, movies and generally anything else I can throw at it.

Main concern early on was wondering if I was going to be able to transfer my windows, after lots of searching and worrying I was able to do it through a microsoft program to create a new boot image on a USB. After all was reinstalled I simply had to enter product key and then check the option that I had installed new parts to get it to activate. Smooth sailing from there, fired up on first boot attempt with the basics installed and then finished installing gpu and tidying cable management.

Things that stood out: -The phanteks case is a breeze to work with and looks spectacular. (Took me way longer than I'll admit to figure out the RGB light that came with case, absolutely couldn't find the plug for it until I realized it was tangled up and hiding with all the other case cables, doh) -Did not expect the PSU box to look so damn good when I opened it -Not seeing my PSU and cables anymore is amazing -Hard drives completely hidden and easily accessible from the back if need be.

Overall, first serious build, previous 2 have been amateur barebone kits thrown together. Super happy with it. Thanks to this site and all the info i've picked up lurking for sure!