An intro to Saverin, ATCGuardian & ArimiMimi

Welcome to the first Binx Partner Podcast! Where Streamers dive into news, services, tips and everything related to all things streaming.


Podcast Hosts:

• Saverin -
• ArimiMimi -
• ATCGuadian -

Podcast Topics of the Day:

• • Epic Games : Developers of a collection of games and now giving away the assets from Paragon as the game is being discontinued. Total giveaways averaging $12 million in game assets to any Unreal4 game developer who wants them

• • Dive into play differentials between Fortnight and PUBG

• • The mobile moves for PUBG and Fortnight

• • Celebrities carrying their brands into Twitch

• • Community growth paths and tools

• • About AnimeForHumanity -

• • Fair Play Alliance introduction about fighting toxicity in gaming

• • Sea of Thieves: Miles wide, Inches deep!

• • The business of streaming & how to live in it

• • More!

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