Zeku is the Last Season 2 DLC Fighter in Street Fighter V

Kicking it old school.

By Robert Marrujo:: When's the last time you played Street Fighter Alpha 2? We only ask because that's likely the last time you gave any thought to Zeku, the final fighter to be made available as part of Street Fighter V's second season of DLC characters. Check him out in the trailer below:

While Zeku technically debuted in SF Alpha 2, this is the first time that the character is actually playable. Zeku was the master of the Bushinryu Ninjutsu school during Guy's tenure there and was eventually succeeded by his pupil. He went on a spiritual journey of self-discovery following his exit from the school, but as we can see, he's back in action for Street Fighter V.

Will you be giving Zeku a whirl when he finally makes his debut as a playable fighter? Sound off in the comments!

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