Xbox One Fall Update LIVE

New refresh adds a bevy of new features.

By Robert Marrujo:: Xbox One owners can rejoice, as the system update that Xbox Insiders got to enjoy back in August is now available to all. It brings with it a smattering of new features, including:

  • Enhanced notification system
  • Customize the Home screen
  • New theme options
  • Enhanced Community and Guide functionality

For a full rundown of what the update brings, click here. The timing is intended to help make transitioning to Xbox One X a little easier when that console launches next month. Ultimately, however, the update improves usability for everyone who's an Xbox One owner. This writer can't help but yearn for the old UI of Xbox 360. Seriously, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Here's hoping this new update gets the One's UI closer to those glory days of yore.

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