World of Final Fantasy Heads to PC

Coming late this month!

By Robert Marrujo:: World of Final Fantasy first made its way into the hands of gamers last year when the title released on PlayStation 4 and Vita. The RPG stars siblings Reynn and Lann as they adventure about the land of Grymoire. For those lacking either of those two consoles, however, take heart as the game is coming to Steam on November 28.

This version of World of Final Fantasy will sell for $40 and, for those who preorder, a special Day One Edition can be obtained. It comes with a digital soundtrack sampler as well as a wallpaper. There's the typical Steam amenities one would expect like keyboard and mouse integration, achievements, trading cards, and more, but perhaps of greater interest is the inclusion of some exclusive legendary creatures and characters. Does the name Sephiroth ring any bells...?

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