Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast Trailer

An episodic mystery starring Logan!

By Robert Marrujo:: Movies, cartoons, TV shows, those are all the usual multimedia expansions fans are used to when it comes to comic books. What works on the funny pages tends to translate well to other forms of entertainment. It's not all that often, however, that fans are treated to serialized podcast mysteries starring characters like Wolverine. Thankfully, that's exactly what we're getting with the upcoming Wolverine: The Long Night!

Click this link to give the trailer a listen. The Long Night is anticipated to release on March 12 on the website Stitcher Premium. It will run for 10 episodes, one episode per week, until it goes multi-platform in the fall. The story revolves around the fictional town of Burns, Alaska, where two agents are investigating a series of brutal murders. The agents team up with a local deputy to solve the mystery of the killer's identity, which leads them right on the path towards Logan.

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