Wii Shop Channel Closing Down

Better act fast before your shopping days on the system come to an end...

By Robert Marrujo:: Though Nintendo technically has been playing around with digital downloads as far back as NES (did you know it had a modem service in Japan?), the company didn't truly embrace the Internet on modern consoles until Wii. Even then the experience was somewhat spartan compared to other platforms, but for those of us who got to enjoy the Wii Shop Channel it was a real boon to the system.

Countless classic and new games have been made available on the service since its launch back in 2006. Now after eleven years, Nintendo is ready to pull the plug. The Wii Shop Channel will officially shutter on January 31, 2019. Before that, the service will stop allowing customers to add funds to their accounts on March 27, 2018.

There are a multitude of games available on the Wii Virtual Console that never migrated over to Wii U's, so be sure to give the service a gander before it goes away. As a retro fiend myself, it's with a heavy heart that I report this—we'll try to give the Wii Shop Channel a proper sendoff before it goes offline for good.

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