Vulipix Joins Pokémon Build-A-Bear Family

The latest Pocket Monster to make the leap from bits to plush!

By Robert Marrujo:: There have always been a variety of stuffed Pokémon for people to collect, but there's something about the Build-A-Bear range of Pocket Monsters that really stands out. Whether it's the adorable costumes or just that quality Build-A-Bear is known for, the premium plushes are a sight to behold. Thus it's with great enthusiasm that we announce the arrival of Vulpix to the line!

Here's a look at the doll and some of its features/accouterments:

The doll retails for $60 and can be purchased in-store or on the Build-A-Bear website. For those who lean more towards the Grass Type 'Mon, note that Bulbasaur is on the way but won't be arriving until December due to a flaw in its design.

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