Valve Dota 2 Contest Announced

$30,000 up for grabs!

By Robert Marrujo:: Players of Dota 2 have yet another reason to fire up their computers, as developer Valve has revealed that a special contest is being tethered to the game. Fans who come up with a standout, custom game for Valve to showcase at Frostivus 2017 can earn a $30,000 reward. Frostivus is Valve's annual Christmas event/celebration, though it's been a few years since the last one, so perhaps "annual" isn't the most apt descriptor. I digress!

Here's part of Valve's statement, which can be read in full on the company's blog:

"To help celebrate Frostivus this year, we are happy to announce a new custom game contest. Each entry must be a new multiplayer custom game heavily themed around the Frostivus season, and may be either cooperative or competitive amongst the players. To enter, you must submit the final copy of the custom game by November 20th. We are excited to see all of the Frostivus game submissions for this contest."

The deadline is November 20. Valve recommends involving the community in playing your build prior to submission to help determine if the game is up to snuff. In related news, Valve also reports that The Dueling Fates update will be out sometime in the next month or so and that the next episode of True Sight will drop on Tuesday, September 16.


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