Two New Characters For Dragon Ball FighterZ

It's getting villainous in here!

By Robert Marrujo:: Dragon Ball FigherZ is building crazy momentum as it hurtles towards its early 2018 release window. In an effort to make sure fans are hyped even further, Bandai Namco has unveiled via V-Jump (via Siliconera!) a number of new details to push that hype meter to eleven.

First off, Japan has an official release date of February 1. Bandai Namco also unveiled that a Story Mode is inbound and  that two new fighters are joining the roster: Captain Ginyu and Nappa. Ginyu is capable of summoning the entirety of The Ginyu Force, while his Meteor special allows him to perform "Body Swap." Nappa, meanwhile, has Saibamen as a summon and for a Meteor special can perform Kapa!

The Story Mode is fascinating in that it deals with the player forming a bond with Son Goro and other characters as the plot progresses. New areas of the map open up and the player can choose to save allies, learn different skills, and more. It sounds like a robust offering that will compliment the mainline fighting elements of the game.

We'll keep you posted on all things Dragon Ball FighterZ as the release draws nearer!

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