Twitter Doubles Character Limit

Not for everyone just yet, however.

By Robert Marrujo:: If you've been longing for more than 140-characters to Tweet about how much you hate everything love puppies, Twitter is about to make you very happy. Well, at some point down the road, unless you're one of the unnamed members of the group of users now being allowed to shoot out 280-character Tweets. That's right, 280!

The move comes as part of an effort by Twitter to get people to Tweet more. Apparently users with symbol-based languages like Japanese have an easier time conveying their thoughts via Twitter under the old 140-character limit. More information can be communicated with few characters when you're not tethered to the alphabet. For the many users who do type in languages like English and Portuguese, however, it's far more common for them to be hampered by the restriction. Thus, the new doubled character count.

There's no word on when all users will be able to type 280-characters per Tweet. An announcement will likely follow the limited rollout taking place. Are you one of the users in on the extra digits? Tell us in the comments! Or Tweet us! It's only fitting, right?

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