Twitch Community Guidelines Getting an Update

The focus is on monitoring toxic behavior.

By Robert Marrujo:: As eSports and streaming become more and more mainstream, it's understandable that companies like Twitch will continue to be on the lookout for ways to sanitize the experience for a more general audience. "Sanitize" might sound a bit extreme, but the reality is that toxic behavior while playing online or watching people stream is all too common. From racial slurs to homophobic hate speech, gamers have run the gamut of perpetrating and being on the receiving end of both for years now. That's rapidly beginning to change.

Twitch is making an effort to curb toxic conduct on its own service, revealing that its community guidelines have been modified in an effort to further mitigate hate speech and toxic personalities from running rampant on its service. If you head over to Twitch's Hateful Conduct and Harassment page, it breaks down in thorough detail what is or isn't a no-go when it comes to interaction with other players. Things labeled as inappropriate include "any content or activity that promotes, encourages, or facilitates discrimination, denigration, objectification, harassment, or violence based on" a variety of different things like race, religion, gender, age, and more.

It's a massively positive move towards a more integrationist ideal for the industry, particularly as video games begin to cultivate an even larger audience and user base with the expansion of eSports. We'll continue to monitor the situation and report back if Twitch further modifies its community guidelines.

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