Tony S. Daniel Debuts Cover For Batman #800

It's unclear if the numbering is sticking around, however.

By Robert Marrujo:: DC Comics has been publishing a variety of comic books for decades now, but is best known for its superheroes. Characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have been a part of the pop culture landscape for many years and as such have had quite a lot of comic books published featuring their likenesses. This coming November, one series that's hitting a publishing milestone is Batman at issue #800.

Artist/writer Tony S. Daniel has revealed the finished, colored artwork that he created for the comic cover via his Twitter page:

Note that this is the variant cover for what is in actuality Batman #35. DC has stated that this and the milestone variant covers for Superman #34 (#800), The Flash #39 (#700), and Wonder Woman #34 (#700) are in celebration of the publishing achievements, but hasn't stated whether or not the series will revert to their original numbering. It's also worth noting that Marvel Comics has recently reverted a number of its own titles back to their original counts, so perhaps DC might follow suit. We'll keep you posted if any announcements are made!

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