Tokyo Game Show 17: Final Fantasy IX Coming to PlayStation 4

FF VII will now have company on the system.

By Robert Marrujo:: Final Fantasy is one of the most revered franchises in all of video games, owed in no small part to how stunning nearly every mainline entry in the series is. Some game have more special places in the hearts of fans, like Final Fantasy IV and VII, but another one that doesn't get quite as much time in the limelight is Final Fantasy IX. Well, thanks to the efforts of SquareEnix, IX is getting another chance to shine with its rerelease on PlayStation 4.

Available now both in North America and Europe, Final Fantasy IX has joined Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation Network. The game is currently retailing for $22.39, but the price will eventually rise to $27.99. For those who are curious, note that this is not a straight port of the beloved PlayStation game.

For starters, this version of IX offers a number of "boosters." These allow players to remove random encounters, autosave, automatically master weapons, and more. Along with Trophy support, the game boasts HD cinematics and in-game character models. If you've never played the game before, this might be the perfect opportunity to experience IX for the first time!

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