Todd McFarlane Unveils His Original Spawn Design

Fifty shades of blue.

By Robert Marrujo:: Todd McFarlane long ago declared that his creation Spawn had been percolating in his brain for many years prior to the character's debut in 1992. The Image icon boasts one of the more striking superhero designs of all-time, with a distinctive, flowing red cape serving as the centerpiece of his look. This past Sunday, McFarlane took to his Facebook page to reveal the original design of the character that dates back to 1977. Have a look!

It's exceptionally cool to get such a fun behind the scenes peek at one of the most impactful creations of the past 25 years of the comic book industry. Interestingly, McFarlane notes that Spawn was originally going to be from space! That's kind of like hell, right? Okay, maybe not. McFarlane is currently in the midsts of creating the theatrical reboot of Spawn, while the comic book that started it all continues to march along over at Image.

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