The Mighty Thor #700 Packed With Surprises

Spoilers ahead for the milestone issue!

By Robert Marrujo:: The Mighty Thor #700 isn't just a publishing milestone for the series, but also a major turning point for it, as well. While in the middle of a huge battle with the villainous Malekith and his army, Karnilla of the Norns gets a vision of the future right before she passes away in Thor's arms. Here's the page in all its glory by artist Russell Dauterman:

It's one heck of a splash, for sure, but it's also highly informative. Perhaps the biggest revelations are what appear to be the death of Jane Foster as well as the restoration of Thor as being "worthy" with a seemingly new, golden hammer in tow. The issue concludes with Mangog returned and ready to throw down with Volstagg/The War Thor. Things are getting crazy for everyone's favorite Asgardians; writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman have shown no signs of slowing down with the transition into Marvel Legacy, that's for sure.

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