The Avengers “No Surrender” Arc Promises “The End of an Era”

Oh Marvel Legacy Avengers, we hardly knew ye...

By Robert Marrujo:: The Avengers are soon to be no more. Yeah, right. We'll just have to take Marvel's word that the upcoming "No Surrender" storyline coming up in Avengers #675 is the real deal, team-ending epic that editor Tom Brevoort is promising it to be. The storyline kicks off in January and will run weekly until Avengers #690 in April 2018.

"Avengers: No Surrender" is looking to bring quite a bit of talent to the table, with writers Mark Waid, Jim Zub, and Al Ewing coming together to helm the story. Artists Pepe Larazz, Paco Diaz, and Kim Jacinto will be on art duties, with an unnamed illustrator stepping in for the April issues. Brevoort had the following to say about the storyline:

“The Earth has been stolen! That’s the kickoff to the wildest Avengers epic ever put to paper, a widescreen adventure with a massive cast and an unlimited budget. Avengers past and present will be called upon to cope with a threat spanning out of the pages of Marvel Legacy #1. And like that oversized special, there’s a huge character return or two along the way that fans have been asking for—and one that they didn’t even know they wanted!”

Big words; will the story live up to them? We'll find out together starting early next year!

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