Tamagotchi is Back

A timely arrival for the devices' 20th anniversary!

By Robert Marrujo:: For everyone who ever let one of these digital pets wither and die dangling from the zipper pull on a beat up old backpack, take heart, for you're going to get a shot at redemption thanks to Bandai. Tamagotchi, the hybrid toy/electronic pet simulators, will be hitting the US once more starting November 5, 2017. The new version of the '90s cult-classic is roughly 60% smaller than the originals, but maintains the same basic design, including the charming LCD screens of yore.

Bandai has opened preorders for the devices but warns that quantities are expected to be low. The interface of these new Tamagotchis is simplified, allowing for both new users to more easily acclimate and for longtime ones to be able to more seamlessly care for their digital pets within the constraints of their hectic schedules. Soul-crushing guilt when one of them eventually dies is just par for the course no matter how old you are, unfortunately.

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