Switch Version of NBA 2K18 “Same” as Others

By Robert Marrujo:: Nintendo systems haven't been home to virtually any of the top tier sports video games for years now. One series that is set to end its hiatus is NBA 2K. Last seen on Wii, Nintendo fans are excited to finally get their game on again when NBA 2K18 launches on Switch next week on September 15. There have been concerns, however, that the Switch version won't be up to snuff compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Not so fast, said 2K Senior Producer Rob Jones when he spoke with Game Reactor.

"So obviously we delivered a good experience. It's not the same exact graphics because the Switch can't push them, you know, but the experience itself - you're not missing out on anything from the Switch version [compared] to the main consoles version" Jones said in an interview. Apparently there was a sense of urgency to prioritize making sure that Switch's take on NBA 2K18 would be able to stand head and shoulders with its competitors. What it lacks in graphical "oomph" it seems likely to makeup for with the console's unique portability.

We'll find out if 2K's efforts yielded the results they hoped for when we finally get our hands on the game on launch day. In the meantime, share your thoughts with us about the Switch version of NBA 2K18 on our social media feeds!

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