Switch Version 4.0.0 Update Brought GameCube Controller Functionality

A truly smashing revelation, if you catch our drift.

By Robert Marrujo:: We reported the other day that Version 4.0.0 of Switch's operating system was live, but there was an extra goody slipped in alongside all the other changes: GameCube controller functionality. The pads can be synced with your Switch using the Wii U's GameCube controller adapter. Interestingly, Nintendo hasn't mentioned that the controllers are now compatible with the system. Why? Well, there are a couple of ideas currently kicking around.

One is that the feature isn't totally ready to go. Many users have reported that it takes a few tries before the controllers will actually be recognized by the console. Twitter user Master Mewking posted this picture which alleges that the controllers shown are actually GameCube pads:

As you can see, the images don't reflect those of a GameCube controller. It could just be an oversight, but if Nintendo was truly ready to announce the feature, one would assume the silhouettes would be those of a GameCube pad.

Two, if GameCube controllers are now usable on Switch, that would raise the question of what game(s) the pads are intended to be used with. There are two obvious possibilities that spring to mind: Super Smash Bros. and the GameCube library of software. The former seems like a no-brainer to be coming to Switch in some capacity, so it would make sense to make GameCube controllers function with the system; after all, fans consider the pads to be the de facto way to play the game. The latter, meanwhile, has been the focus of years of speculation that it would be coming to any of the past three Nintendo home consoles' Virtual Console services. Fans have been clamoring for GameCube titles to be on VC for a good, long time, so it would seem at least plausible that Nintendo is moving towards making that a reality with this new update.

Nintendo hasn't commented on the use of GameCube controllers on Switch just yet, but we'll let you know if we hear anything about it in the future!

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