Super Turricane – Director’s Cut Exclusively on Super Nt

The unreleased game comes with every unit of the retro hardware!

By Robert Marrujo:: Remember the Super Nt retro console we announced a week ago? Well, developer Analogue has decided to make it even more awesome than it already sounded by including a previously unreleased SNES game with every unit. Super Turrican, developed by Factor 5 a million years ago in 1993, is a fairly awesome run 'n gun title that came out on Super Nintendo. While the title would go on to be quite beloved, apparently Factor 5 was forced back in the day to cut the game down to fit on a 4mb SNES cart. Thus, the title that fans played was in reality a truncated version of the developer's true vision.

Well, Analogue is looking to give the game its proper due by releasing Super Turrican - Director's Cut along with Super Nt. Check out the trailer for it below:

Here's Analogue's official synopsis:

"What if one of the greatest run'n'gun games of all time was never released in its original developed form? In 1993, Factor 5 finished developing the complete Super Turrican for SNES, a 6Mbit title. Unfortunately the game had to be cut down by 33% to 4Mbits. 24 Years later, Super Turrican: Directors Cut is finally here. Featuring a new level with new music, more enemies, better sound effects and graphics and even a new way to use the beam weapon.

Originally scoring 5/5 by GamePro Magazine, and receiving an Editors Choice GOLD award by EGM, Super Turrican is undoubtedly one of the greatest run'n'gun games of all time. Now you can play the complete Super Turrican for the first time ever. Only on Super Nt."

This is pretty freaking cool, people. Between this and Star Fox 2, there's been a lot of unreleased retro love floating through the air as of late.

Super Nt drops February of 2018 and can be preordered here.


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