Super Mario Run Getting Major Update

Coming sooner than you think!

By Robert Marrujo:: Super Mario Run has been a success for Nintendo following its launch on mobile back in December of last year. Available on both iOS and Android, the game is an autorunner that features the mustachioed one and a handful of his pals running through iconic Mushroom Kingdom locales. It's a fun if somewhat light experience, a deficiency that Nintendo will soon be rectifying with an upcoming update.

Come September 29, players on iOS (no word yet on Android) will be able to update Run with a handful of new features. For one thing, Daisy will be joining the fray and bringing with her a new double jump ability. The update will also be providing a new mode called Remix 10. In this mode players will barrel through ten "remixed" segments of stages previously seen in Run. Completing this mode will give players a chance to unlock the aforementioned Daisy for play. Perhaps more importantly? Mario and friends wear headphones if you play the mode with your own music going in the background (an additional awesome new feature)!

There are also special rainbow medals available in this mode that, once collected, will unlock new structures for your kingdom. Alongside these changes, a new seventh World will be available, replete with additional baddies, coins, play mechanics, and stages to tackle. The catch is you must have already beaten Worlds 1 through 6 in order to see it. All of these goodies will be available for half off (sadly, the update isn't free) for the first two weeks, so get to downloading it sooner rather than later in order to save some cash.

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