Super Mario Odyssey Already at 2 Million Copies Sold

The feat took only three days to be achieved!

By Robert Marrujo:: Our review of Super Mario Odyssey is coming up soon, but it kind of goes without saying that the game is a stunner. Early buzz for Odyssey has been great, so much so that, joined with the general fervor people have for Nintendo's Switch console, the title was positioned to have a very nice opening weekend. Well, two million copies later it seems to be doing a might bit better than "nice."

That's right folks, two million copies across the span of three days. These numbers include physical, digital, and bundles sales of Odyssey. The information was divulged during Nintendo's latest financial briefing to investors. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima had this to say:

"While about 7 million units of Nintendo Switch hardware have been delivered into the hands of our consumers around the world, we estimate that the global sellthrough of Super Mario Odyssey has already exceeded 2 million units in just its first 3 days. The holiday sales season will soon go into full swing, and we plan to make more Nintendo Switch systems available in the market. We will endeavor to further increase the number of consumers who want to purchase Super Mario Odyssey, and eventually we would like the game to be seen as an evergreen title that has longevity in the market beyond this holiday season."

Kimishima is also hopeful that Switch will reach sales numbers in its lifetime comparable to those of Wii. Indeed, Nintendo is already projecting its latest console to outsell Wii U by the end of March 2018. Speaking of hardware, the report also reveals that SNES Classic Edition has surpassed the two million unit sales mark. Overall, Nintendo is doing brisk business and hopes to continue to do so moving into the future.

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