Steam Curator Update Coming Soon

Changes ahead for the recommendation system.

By Robert Marrujo:: Valve has revealed that changed are coming to its Curator service. Essentially, Steam Curator provides users with a variety of different games and products to choose from that suit their particular buying habits. If you love shooters, for instance, then different types of shooters will be recommended to you. Valve thinks that the service can be better, however, and intends to make it so this fall.

The new and improved Steam Curators service will be offering a variety of changes, additions, and improvements that have all been pulled from the Steam community's recommendations. You can check out everything that's being altered here, but this snippet about what Curators can expect is especially fascinating:


One of the pieces of feedback we received from Curators was that they felt it needed to be more rewarding and meaningful for a Curator to spend the time it takes to build and maintain their curation. So there are a few new things we're building to tackle this.

  • As we mentioned above, Curators that produce videos as part of their reviews will be see those videos embedded right next to their review in Steam. If you're a Curator who's already doing work to create content elsewhere, we want you to be able to use that work in your Steam curation. This means a few of the most popular video formats such as YouTube,,, and will appear right in Steam where players can easily watch them.
  • Curators will be able to customize and brand their home on Steam by selecting games, lists, and tags to feature and by uploading a personalized background.
  • We all know that graphs solve everything, so yes, we're adding more of them. In particular, Curators will be able to see how their reviews impacted their follower's behavior in the Steam store.
  • We are helping connect developers with Curators that are most likely to have relevant audience of followers for the developers' game. More on this below.

That's a pretty cool way of making the service more useful to all involved. Valve's Steam service continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the world of digital marketplaces and this sort of commitment to its user base is in keeping with that tradition.

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