Stardew Valley on Switch Gets Release Date

The indie darling is right around the corner.

By Robert Marrujo:: Developer Eric Barone, the sole creator of indie hit farming simulator Stardew Valley, has had two things on his plate recently: releasing Stardew Valley on Switch and getting the game's much hyped multiplayer mode up and running. While we still have until early 2018 (which will launch on Switch first) for the latter, the former is about to become a reality in just a couple of days. Stardew Valley hits the Switch eShop on October 5.

Revealed via Barone's blog, he had this to say about the release:

"I’m very happy to see Stardew come to a Nintendo console… I grew up on Nintendo, after all! This will not only be the first time Stardew Valley appears on a Nintendo platform, but also the first time Stardew will be on a portable system.

The Switch version will be priced at $14.99 USD.

I would like to give a big shout out to Sickhead Games, who worked very hard to develop this port. They did a great job, as always, and deserve all the credit! I’d also like to thank my publisher Chucklefish for coordinating everything.

I look forward to hearing about your experience with Stardew Valley “on the go” this Thursday!"

Note that a physical version of the game hasn't been announced just yet, but it also hasn't been ruled out. We'll let you know if or when Stardew Valley is coming to retail as soon as we have word.

Will you be farming "on the go"? Tell us, below!

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