UPDATE: Stamper Brothers’ Kroko Bongo Channels Donkey Kong Country

UPDATE:: After playing Kroko Bongo through to completion... we've found that it's an abbreviated game. Sadly, the experience ends after the fifth stage, at which point you're prompted to complete a survey about what you thought about Kroko Bongo. Once a finished version hits the App Store we'll give you a thorough review, but until then, know that these are five excellent stages to play through and we hope that the final game is just as enjoyable throughout!

By Robert Marrujo:: Mobile platforms like iOS and Android have a rough track record as far as most serious gamers are concerned. While there are games that show a lot of heart like Monument Valley, there are also a ton of titles that aren't even worth a look no matter how cheap their asking price might be. Thankfully, master designers Tim and Chris Stamper (along with Tim's son Joe) through their FortuneFish studio have published a title on iOS that's looking to further legitimize mobile gaming.

Kroko Bongo is available now and going for $0 as of this writing, and given how fun it is so far in my playthrough, that makes it one of the best bargains out there. You'd be forgiven for mistaking Kroko Bongo with Donkey Kong Country, as it bares some striking resemblance to that seminal work. Not in a ripoff sort of way, either; this feels like a legitimate followup to the blueprint that the Stampers created with DKC back when they made the game as heads of Rare.

The platforming in this autorunner is tight and meaty, with simple taps of the touch screen prompting Kroko to do everything from jump to bludgeon bad guys. The twist is that there's a rhythm component to all the action; tapping in time with the beat adds to your score and makes Kroko more seamlessly move about the screen. We'll be sure to get you a full review soon, but in the interim head to the App Store and give it a look; considering it's free, there's little risk!

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