Spelunker Party On Switch and Steam This Month

A demo drops next week!

By Robert Marrujo:: Spelunker Party will be bringing the fun to Switch and Steam on October 19. The game is a reworking of the free-to-play Spelunker World on PlayStation 4; the pay model has been dropped for Spelunker Party, which will sell for $29.99. A demo is due on October 7 for those who want to give the game a spin before it launches.

There are 100 stages to explore either in single or multiplayer. Multiplayer is both local and online for up to four other people. Spelunker Party is about venturing beneath the surface of the Earth until reaching its core. Collect Litho-stones while hitting checkmarks, conserving oxygen, and avoiding deadly hazards. The game was a launch title for Switch in Japan, but it'll be nice nonetheless to finally experience Spelunker Party here in the West.

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