Some Consumers Alleging That Amazon Has Yet To Ship SNES Classic Editions

The online retailer had similar problems with the launch of Nintendo Switch.

By Robert Marrujo:: For all the big talk by Nintendo that SNES Classic Edition would be in greater abundance than NES Classic Edition, most consumers would be hard-pressed to find one in the wild just days after the console's launch. One consolation for fans was being able to preorder the system through a variety of retailers, including GameStop and others. Sadly, as reported by IGN, one online seller has yet to make good on some of its preorders: Amazon.

It's being alleged on social media by a number of customers that Amazon has yet to ship their SNES Classic Editions. Despite releasing last Friday, the highly sought after retro console remains but a twinkle in the eyes of many an Amazon customer, and they're taking to sites like Twitter to voice their displeasure. Interestingly, some folks have been able to come across SNES Classic Edition at Amazon's Treasure Trucks, which makes it all the stranger if the company truly hasn't satisfied the gaggle of preorders that it is responsible for.

Amazon has yet to clarify or acknowledge the situation, but we'll let you know when it does.

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