Rumor: GameStop to Begin Offering Elite Pro Memberships

By Robert Marrujo:: Get ready for yet another earful from your local GameStop employees, as the monolithic video game retailer is set to begin offering a tertiary tier of its controversial PowerUp Rewards program. The rumored "Pro Elite" membership would clock in at $30 annually and reputedly offer the following according to a leaked screen grab from a company computer:

  • 30 points for every dollar spent (3x points!)
  • 20% off pre-owned software and acessories
  • 20% extra trade credit on software, accessories and for the first time ever... it will include tech
  • A buy 2 get 1 free pre-owned games welcome offer
  • A collectibles welcome offer
  • $50 in exclusive monthly offers
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • And all the other benefits Pros currently enjoy!

The limited rollout of the new initiative will supposedly begin on September 13, while all stores will begin offering the service starting October 18; note that none of this has been made official by GameStop as of this writing. There are a number of questions that surround this news, including whether or not current Pro members will be able to upgrade immediately or if they'll have to wait to enroll until it's time to renew, as well as whether or not the GameInformer subscription that has been a standard part of the ProMembers package will continue to be offered.

PowerUp Rewards memberships are currently offered for free, while PowerUp Rewards Pro memberships go for $15 a year. We won't bore you to death with the nuts and bolts of GameStop's current setup for Pro members (you can check that info out here), but we will say that consumers are going to have an interesting decision to make if this initiative does turn out to be legitimate. Though the doubling of price doesn't correlate with double the benefits, there is an increase to points and discounts, as well as a couple of new bonuses like free 2-day shipping.

That said, there continues to be no discounts offered on new games. As is GameStop's typical method of operation, the focus remains squarely on the sale of used products. The company sees its greatest profits from selling used wares, so it makes sense that this new Elite Pro membership would further incentivize it for consumers. We've reached out to GameStop to verify the validity of the Elite Pro membership and will update this story when we get further word on the situation.

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