Roundup: Nintendo Direct Mini 01.11.18

Dark Souls! The World Ends With You! Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze! More!

By Robert Marrujo:: While there was an abundance of rumors that Nintendo would be dropping one of its Direct broadcasts this month, no one suspected that the company would send one out unannounced early this morning! This Nintendo Direct Mini, as it was dubbed, is succinct and to the point, delivering a smattering of game and DLC announcements in a trim 14 minutes and 21 seconds. We have a breakdown of what was announced below the actual video itself if you want to cut to the chase!

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: An upscaling of the Wii U classic. It boasts a mode featuring Funky Kong that softens the difficulty for newbies and gives veterans something different to try out. Coming May 4.
  • Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition: Nintendo is triple-dipping on this one, but along with enhanced visuals, it'll bring all of the DLC available on Wii U and 3DS, plus Breath of the Wild outfits for Link and Zelda. Expect it spring 2018.
  • Dark Souls:Remastered: Bandai Namco's brutal action RPG title is finally on a Nintendo system! Note that this updated version of the game is also coming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • The World Ends With You: Final Remix: The DS game is back with enhanced visuals and the ability to play using both touch and traditional controls. Due in 2018.
  • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong DLC: The character is coming to the game with new story content in a new setting. Coming in spring 2018.
  • SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy: A fighting game featuring a bevy of female SNK characters!
  • Kirby Star Allies: New combo Copy Abilities are in the game; mix and match to create different effects! There will also be new Copy Abilities, as well. Out on March 16.
  • Pokkén Tournament Battle Pack DLC: New fighters, assist characters, and avatar clothing coming on January 31 and March 23. Pre-purchase now!
  • Payday 2: Coming out February 27 with a timed-exclusive new character.
  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana: Coming summer 2018!
  • Super Mario Odyssey Update: Luigi is kind of arrived but only as an NPC in the new Balloon Mode play hide-and-seek with a balloon that you place around the game environment. New outfits and photo filters are also inbound.
  • Mario Tennis Aces: Will provide a story mode akin to what was in the Game Boy Advance installment in the series. Arrives in spring of 2018.
  • Fe and Celeste: The former drops on February 16 while the latter arrives on January 25.

Whew! That's a lot of news for a "mini" broadcast! Which games are you interested in? Fill us in down below or on social media!

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