Riverdale Star in Car Crash

Incident occurred after a 16-hour work day.

By Robert Marrujo:: Long days on set are common in Hollywood. Even shows like the CW's Riverdale aren't immune to lengthy days of shooting. Such was the case when star K.J. Apa, who plays Archie on the hit series, left for home following 16-hours of filming.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Apa was making his 45-minute drive home when he began to fall asleep at the wheel. His car veered into a streetlight on the side of the road and the vehicle was subsequently totaled. Fear not, Archie fans, as the good news is that Apa was treated and then released from the hospital without any serious injuries.

While it's wonderful that Apa survived his accident, his fellow cast mates aren't all that thrilled with the situation on set. It's alleged that members of the cast are frustrated with the long work days and are concerned that what happened to Apa could happen to any of them; the producers are currently not offering any form of transportation home despite the large number of hours being worked each day. Allegedly, the cast is considering refusing to work until changes are made.

In its defense, Warner Bros., which is the home of Riverdale, states that actors are encouraged to get hotel rooms while filming, something that the studio pays for. A meeting between the representatives of the actors and the studio will reportedly be held tomorrow to discuss the situation.

Riverdale comes back to TV on October 11.

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