Random: Square Brings Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light Japanese Soap Opera to Netflix

By Robert Marrujo:: SquareEnix, home to the Final Fantasy franchise, continues to seek new ways of bringing the series to other forms of media beyond video games. In its latest push towards expansion, Square has brought the Japanese soap opera Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light to streaming giant Netflix. Despite sharing the title, this is not DLC for FF XIV; instead, it's an eight-episode dramedy.

The premise is that the main star of the show, Aiko Inaba, is trying to connect with his emotionally distant father Hirotaro. Hirotaro is freshly retired and loves video games, so Inaba decides to secretly befriend his father through FF XIV and expand that relationship into real life. It's an... interesting approach, to say the least, but this is meant to be a heartwarming, soap opera-esque series, so the convoluted setup is practically a must.

It's such an oddball premise but one that is probably more common than people might think. I'm not suggesting that folks are secretly making video game accounts to clandestinely create emotional bonds between friends and family members, but rather the notion that video games have truly become a cross-generational thing. There are plenty of people who have fathers and mothers that have been playing video games since well before they were born, and Dad of Light sort of speaks to that notion. It touches on how video games can be a legitimate way of making bonds between people.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light is streaming now on Netflix.

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