PSA: The Binx Events Calendar Has All Your Pop Culture Needs Covered

Check it out to learn all of the biggest upcoming movie, video game, comic book, and other release dates!

By Robert Marrujo:: Look, life can get busy. Doctors appointments. School. Work, Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Your pet cat coughing up a hairball on your couch. As such it isn't easy to know when things like the release date of Thor: Ragnarok is or when the Chrom Amiibo drops.

Well, that's why your pals here at Binx.News are around. Besides providing you with killer coverage of all things video games and nerd culture, we want to keep you prepared. Make life a little easier, you know? So do yourself a favor and head over to the Events page. There you can find a calendar packed with release dates for video games, manga, movies, and more!

Besides pop culture stuff, we also highlight local events and other things of interest that should fall right into the wheelhouse of you, our dear readers. You can even export the calendar info to your own and have reminders pop up on your phone or calendar. It's a living document, by the way, so check it frequently to see if anything new has popped up!

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