PS4 & Switch Get Gal*Gun 2 in Winter

From Inti Creates, makers of the Azure Striker Gunvolt series.

By Robert Marrujo:: Gal*Gun is a series of on-rails shooters from developer Inti Creates. Inti Creates has quite a history with shooters; from the Mega Man Zero titles on Game Boy Advance to Mighty Gunvolt Burst on Switch and 3DS, the studio is something of a wizard when it comes to making great games about blasting things. The shooting fun is set to return with the outlandish Gal*Gun 2.

Gal*Gun is all about blasting smitten high school girls with "Pheromone Shots" and rubbing them down during "Doki-Doki" (Japanese for "heart pounding") mode. In Gal*Gun 2, players are also able to utilize the special Demon Sweeper device that was introduced in Gal*Gun VR. This is the first entry in the series since Gal*Gun Double Peace on PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2016.

Mischievous and naughty spring to mind when trying to describe the series. It's a very Japanese title with some sensibilities that have the potential to offend, so it might not appeal to everyone. Still, it's zany, ridiculous fun with some tight controls, so those looking for something different might want to keep an eye on this one. Gal*Gun 2 is set to arrive in early 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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