PELDA Switch Battery Case Might Make Your Dock Obsolete

By Robert Marrujo:: Crowdfunding can be wonderful sometimes, can't it? Imagine having a brilliant idea one day, putting together elaborate videos and proofs of concept, and bam! Suddenly, what was but a mere twinkle in your mind's eye has rapidly been funded to the tune of thousands of dollars. The good folks at AMDISI have done exactly that with their new Nintendo Switch PELDA Battery Cases.

There are two models available: one is the standard PELDA case that offers six additional hours of battery life, slots to store games, and a built-in kickstand. While impressive in its own way, the PELDA Pro is where the real show can be found. Though it offers a more modest boost of battery life at four hours, it comes with the other features of the base model as well as native HDMI output.

That last part is a real breath of fresh air for fans who have had to suffer through unplugging their Switch dock from their TV and then lugging the thing over to a friend's house. It's either that or plunking down $80 for a spare, something that doesn't sit well with many fans. ADMISI, which is comprised of self-declared Nintendo fans, have already netted their $10,000 goal on Kickstarter and is currently sitting at $23,801 as of this writing.

There's also a PELDA branded traditional Switch Dock available, as well, which makes short work of many of the typical complaints that fans have had from day one with Nintendo's pack-in Dock. Will you be interested in getting either the standard or Pro models of the PELDA case, or the PELDA Dock? You can find everything on AMDISI's Kickstarter page right here. In the interim, let us know your thoughts about this on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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