Paramount Now Helming Sonic the Hedgehog Film

The Blue Blur is coming to the silver screen.

By Robert Marrujo:: Paramount Pictures has what Dr. Eggman never did, apparently: the ability to stop Sonic the Hedgehog in his tracks. Paramount has pinned Sonic down for his first feature film, taking over where Sony has left off. Sony's not completely out of the picture, though, is it will be helping bring Sonic to life along with Original Film and freshman director Jeff Fowler. The movie is expected to have a mixture of live-action and CGI elements... which sounds a little scary for those who lived through the train wreck that was Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

Keeping things optimistic, however, Sonic has been adapted a few times over the years to some success. Archie Comics' version of the character was good fun for its entire run, and at least one or two of the animated spins on the Blue Blur were a decent romp. Whether or not the Sonic the Hedgehog movie does well when it comes to theaters is anyone's guess.  There's no release window yet for the movie, but when we get one we'll share it here!

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