Paramount CEO Allegedly Irked by Abrams Directing Star Wars IX

It's been over four years since the last time the director made a movie for the studio.

By Robert Marrujo:: With the departure of Star Wars Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow on September 5, Disney was looking to fill the position and quickly. It wasn't that long afterwards that Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams was brought back into the fold to direct, but not without ruffling a few feathers. Arguably, most of that plumage being disturbed belongs to the CEO of Paramount Pictures, Jim Gianopulos.

Abrams is signed through the summer of 2018 to make movies for the beleaguered studio, which has been in need of a successful blockbuster since even before Gianopulos' takeover as CEO back in April of 2017. Unfortunately for them, Abrams won't be available for at least the next two years as he preps the script and then takes on directing duties for Episode IX. Gianopulos is reportedly not happy with Abrams being picked off once more by Disney for its Star Wars movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gianopulos wasn't willing to get into a turf war over Abrams, despite having him under contract. With some of the most powerful figures in Hollywood connected to the development of the next Star Wars movie, the CEO didn't see a winning battle on the horizon. As consolation, he's allegedly asked for and received monetary compensation from Disney, but it's nowhere near the amount of money that Paramount could have potentially received from a new Arbams movie. There's been no comment from either Abrams or Paramount in regards to this issue.

Star Wars Episode IX is set to release in December of 2019.

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  1. Meh. Ruffle the feather ... just make it a good movie that can stand on its' own and we will all be happy ;)
    • By 'meh', I mean for the new director ... not the article. The article I love :)