Official Nintendo Gift Guide Website is Live

Tis... almost the season.

By Robert Marrujo:: Hey, if Christmas trees can be up at Michaels in October, Nintendo can have a holiday buyers guide go live, too! Well, that seems to be the logic (or something like that) behind the debut of the company's Gift Guide website, which you can check out here.

Sure, it's a little early, but really what's the harm in getting in some holiday shopping now versus when the ravenous masses are hurling their bodies at the doors of large retail chains and trampling innocent bystanders? Better to check out deals on 2DS handhelds and swanky Mario Kart RC toys now versus during the shopocalypse, this writer thinks!

In all seriousness, it is pretty cool to see Nintendo pushing toys and even offering advice how to get some budget video game shopping in. You really should give it a peep if you're a fan of the House of Mario.

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