NYCC 2017: Runaways Teaser Trailer Debuts

The Marvel series is coming to Hulu!

By Robert Marrujo:: Marvel's Runaways was a major breath of fresh air for the publisher when it first launched back in 2003. Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Artist Adrian Alphona, the series was originally part of Marvel's Tsunami imprint. The goal was to create comics that young people, particularly those who skewed towards manga, would find engaging. The trade paperbacks at the time were even printed at a size much closer to that of a typical manga than an American comic book!

The premise was classic Marvel: a group of kids find out that their parents are actually evil and so they decide to run away and stop their dastardly plans. Part of the fun of the series was seeing a group of kids who initially detested each other learning to work together, adapt to their budding powers, and finding out the connections between themselves and the larger Marvel Universe. This was prior to the X-Men snubbing that's taking place nowadays, so the kids had ties all over the place. It was great!

Now, Marvel and streaming service Hulu have teamed to bring the comic book to the small screen. Here's the trailer:

Runaways debuts on Tuesday, November 21 on Hulu. Are you excited? Share with us below and on social media!

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