Nintendo x Shu Uemura Cosmetics Are A Thing

Do you dare to be as fabulous as Birdo?

By Robert Marrujo:: Let's face it, at this point there's practically nothing that Nintendo hasn't branded its menagerie of characters onto. Thus, it shouldn't be all that surprising to fans to discover that the company has paired with shu uemera to craft a line of cosmetics featuring designs inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom and its various denizens. Nintendo unveiled the collaboration via a Tweet.

Shu Uemera was a Japanese make-up artist who founded the cosmetics company that bears his name. The Nintendo x Shu Uemara cosmetics line seems to be live. It appears that orders can be placed now and there isn't any indication of these being preorders (so far as we can tell), so if you're interested, get to ordering.

Like, now. Some of the items are already sold out. Just keep in mind that they're mad expensive!

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