Nintendo Wedding Rings Are A Thing

Both official and not-so-official finger hardware for the men and women in your life!

By Robert Marrujo:: A special shout out to Tinycartridge for the word on these spectacular rings featuring Kirby, Meta Knight, and Pokémon. Now, when we say ring, we don't mean "found it in a box of Cracker Jack", plastic throwaway rings. No, what me mean here is "will you spend the rest of your life with me?" and "I do" levels of quality precious metals and gems.

First up to bat is Japanese jewelry maker Ensky with its exceptional Kirby lineup of rings. Designs offered include both Kirby and his nemesis Meta Knight. Check them out in the gallery below:

For good measure (it's a pun, you'll see), here's a printable PDF of a special Kirby-themed ring sizing guide:


Moving on now to ShineSwapCustomRings on Etsy, this seller is offering rings with Pokémon on them. Here's a gallery of those rings:


For the Ensky rings, expect to spend upwards of $137 apiece, while the Pokémon rings from ShineSwapCustomRings go for $299 a pop. Note that ShineSwapCustomRings are customizable; you can do up to four different Pokémon per ring.

These rings might be a nice way of expressing love for that special someone. Is there anyone you'd like to gift one of these to? Spill your secret crush in the comments or on social media!

Heck, if you propose with one of these we'd really love to see it! Tag us!

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