Niantic Bought Evertoon

Pokémon GO might be getting a lot more sociable in the future!

By Robert Marrujo:: Developer Niantic, the force behind the ever-popular Pokémon GO app on mobile devices, has made the move to purchase social app maker Evertoon. Evertoon's eponymous app allows users to create short, animated clips that interacted with emojis on people's smart devices. The clips could then be shared via a number of different platforms.

What Niantic hopes to do with Evertoon is unclear, but the company's statement about the acquisition does seem to shed a little light on what's to come:

November 3, 2017

Hello everyone,

The Niantic family is growing, and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome a great group of people who will help evolve, challenge and grow our company in new ways. Today I am excited to announce that we have acquired the Evertoon team, who bring with them a wealth of talent and experience in mobile products, tools for creativity, and community building.


Niniane and her team have been exploring innovative ways to add social mechanics to digital products. As our products and platform evolve, they will help build social systems that will benefit our entire community. We are also excited to have Niniane’s engineering leadership and team management skills, as our team grows.


That line about "exploring innovative ways to add social mechanics to digital products" has a lot of potential to it, namely the potential for social features to come to Pokémon GO at some point down the line. We'll keep you updated, but in the interim we'll leave you with Evertoon's statement about being bought by Niantic:

In the past 18 months, we’ve loved seeing the creative ways that our community uses Evertoon to make videos. From animated fan fiction to celebrity satire to music videos, it is a surprise each week.

We created Evertoon in order to democratize storytelling. We noticed the advent of #OscarsSoWhite and saw how people feel pressured from social networks to be increasingly photogenic. Our mission is to use animation to enable video creation for anyone with stories to tell, regardless of their looks, race, or age. It has been wonderful seeing this come to fruition in our diverse community.

Through the course of our company, we learned a great deal about building community and social experiences. We’ve gotten to know other companies who would derive great value from this. Today we’d like to share with you that Niantic has acquired the Evertoon team. We will be adding a social platform to Niantic’s amazing roster of games, including Pokémon GO, Ingress, and future titles. We’ll also be contributing engineering leadership experience. Niantic’s games are unique in bringing people together in the real world, and we’re excited to weave our expertise into them.

Looking toward the future, in order to focus, we’ll be putting Evertoon into offline-mode as of November 30, 2017. If you download the latest version of the iOS Evertoon app from the App Store, you will be able to use offline-mode to continue making animated videos on your phone. As of November 30, 2017, we’ll be removing access to the community component of the product, and older versions of Evertoon will no longer work. Please make sure you update your app and download your videos and avatars before that time.

As a thank-you, we recently released 60 new animations and 13 clothing items. We hope you enjoy using these in your future videos.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being on this journey with us.

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