New Justice League Trailer Takes Flight

Up, up, and... you get the idea.

By Robert Marrujo:: I'd offer a spoiler warning, but honestly, Justice League has been in development and teased for so long there's almost no mystery as to what this film is about. One of the lingering questions has been how Superman comes back, not if, and the latest trailer further cements that Clark Kent is back amongst the living. See for yourselves:

Beyond Big Blue standing around looking statuesque in plaid, there's a whole lot of fighting and spectacle on display in the new trailer. While it's hard to say if the embattled project, which has seen a swap in directors, reshoots, and more, will please fans, Warner Bros. and DC seem intent trying to make Justice League succeed where Batman v Superman failed. Fingers cross that when the movie lands on November 17, 2017 that it'll be a fresh start for the whole of the cinematic DCU.

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