Netflix’s The Punisher Gets Brutal Trailer

One batch, two batch...

By Robert Marrujo:: One of the highlights of Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix was the introduction of Frank Castle, aka the Punisher. Played by Jon Bernthal, the actor delivered a brutal, intense performance as the Marvel Universe's no-holds-barred, preeminent vigilante. Quickly after fans gobbled up Bernthal's take on the character word of a spin-off series was quick to follow.

Details about the show, however, weren't so forthcoming. Thankfully, over the past few days Netflix and Marvel have finally begun to give fans an official look at the upcoming series, culminating with this first trailer (it's rough around the edges so keep the young ones away!):

Owch! For anyone who's ever read Garth Ennis's spectacular run on the Punisher comic book, particularly the adults-only Punisher MAX series, this take on the character looks to be doing its best to mirror the writer's tone. There's still no word on when we'll all be binging the thing, but keep it tuned here; once we have a premier date, you'll know it!

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