NBA 2K18 Microtransactions Get Major Price Cut

Many players felt they were getting nickel-and-dimed by the previous rates.

By Robert Marrujo:: NBA 2K18 has continued the series' history of excellence, delivering what remains the premier basketball sim on the market. Though it isn't by any means a perfect game, one complaint that seemed to be universally felt by players was that the cost of microtransactions was out of control. Paid for with the game's "Virtual Currency", things as insignificant as haircuts cost 1,500 VC a pop—and fans didn't even get the courtesy of previewing what their player's avatar's new hairdo would look like!

Publisher 2K has heard fan outcry and responded in kind. Many prices have been slashed all the way down to 100 VC, which in some cases is practically pennies on the dollar compared to the old rates. It should be noted that between this and Bungie's recent fiasco with Destiny 2's Shaders that being petty with gamers is a surefire way to tick them off and cause them to stop spending money. Something that publishers and developers alike would do well to avoid. That said, it's nice to see 2K make the change—hopefully the move will help smooth things over with fans moving forwards.

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