Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 Announced For PlayStation 4

By Robert Marrujo:: If there's one thing that PlayStation 4 is lacking, it's arguably the console's absence of a deluxe version of the DualShock 4 Controller. While the base model is more than serviceable, there are those fans that require some extra bells and whistles from their controllers. Peripheral maker Nacon has tried before to satiate this segment of the market with its first Revolution Pro Controller, but sadly that unit had more than a few issues that held it back.

Complaints ranged from control stick stiffness to shallow shoulder buttons, as well as a d-pad that was barely usable. There are things that the Revolution Pro Controller did a good job at, however, and at $20 less than the MSRP of an Elite Controller for Xbox One, it still proved a viable, if flawed, alternative on PS4. This time around, Nacon has gone back to the drawing board with its Revolution Pro Controller 2 to rectify past mistakes and provide what it hopes will be the definitive controller for Sony's home console.

Some of the biggest improvements include reworked control sticks with better customization, a d-pad with option for both four and eight direction input, and USB Type C support, to name a few. There are also three gaming modes that can be activated for the Revolution Pro 2 (note, "halo" refers to the light round the right control stick): PS4 Pro Control Mode (Blue Halo), PS4 Advanced Mode (Red Halo), and PC Advanced Mode (Purple Halo). Each mode offer different access to profiles and button layouts and so forth, but that last should be most pleasing to adopters of the original Revolution Pro Controller, as it wasn't compatible with PCs in the way that Microsoft's controllers are. Nacon has corrected that this time around.

Word is that the controller will be launching this coming September. A price point hasn't been set for the Revolution Pro 2, but keep your eyes posted to Nacon's official website for full details on cost once it's available. We'll also update this article once we find out, as well. It's not the proper in-house, Sony-made Elite/Pro controller that many fans have been clamoring for, but there's a good shot that with these improvements Nacon might finally have brought the next best thing to market. It may be wired, but it's a handsome unit that melds the aesthetics of the DualShock and an Xbox controller, and the boatload of new features should make it especially irresistible to competitive players.

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