More Layton Coming in 2018

Both in anime and video game form!

By Robert Marrujo:: Level-5, creators of the Professor Layton series and its various spin-offs, is busy working on new projects for fans to enjoy. Word is that the developer has a couple of different offerings coming up in 2018. One is an all-new anime starring the gentleman professor and is expected to be 26-episodes long. It would be the first animated feature set in the Layton universe since the release of Professor Layton and Eternal Diva in 2009. The other is a new Layton game, though it's unclear which platform(s) the title will be on as well as who will be the main star.

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy came out last week on 3DS and has been on mobile since this past summer. Hershel Layton was last seen in 2014's Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy on 3DS. That title saw the end of the prequel trilogy for the series and was claimed by Level-5 to be the final game to star Professor Layton himself.

Whether or not Katirelle or Hershel will be the star of the next game is currently a mystery... something fans of the series will likely have no problem waiting a while longer to figure out. We'll keep you posted with more information as it develops.

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