Millennials Streaming Esports in Droves

Gaming is luring in more views than anything else amongst that demographic.

By Robert Marrujo:: Cool kids know that eSports are where it's at, but it's taking everyone else a minute to get up to speed. Proof positive of this is a recent study by The State of Online Video, which polled 500 people across various ages and nationalities to determine what content they prefer to consume when it comes to (you guessed it) online videos. Of the 18-25 year old demographic (aka Millennials), eSports came in as their content of choice.

When asked to choose between physical, traditional sports like football and baseball or eSports competitions focused on titles like Rocket League and Overwatch, the latter won out by a considerable margin. You can read the report in its entirety here, but bare minimum this is excellent news for the eSports community. Are you a Millennial? Do you prefer watching people throw down in Smash Bros. rather than an MMA cage? Let us know on social media what you think!

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